It’s no secret that I’m the best player at my EDH table, so given equal time I’m the player that always gets attacked first. Hell, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t have board presence, I’m keeping someone else in check, there’s a much greater threat and I’m STILL getting attacked first.

I’ve toned down all of my decks. I don’t play extra turns. I don’t play any infinite combos. There’s a player at my table who constantly plays infinite ‘I Win’ combos who always wins after I die because I’m the only player ensuring I keep him in check.

Still, week after week, I find myself playing archenemy for no reason. It’s been probably a year or more since I bought decks that were actually capable of doing that, or winning from nowhere.

I’ve attempted multiple times to get them to understand threat assessment and what my decks are actually capable of doing. (Literally nothing without a board state, which I often don’t have, because of the archenemy bit.)

I’m over it. They want me to be actually worthy of this nonsense? They’re in for a hellish landscape of infinite combos and ‘I Win” buttons that don’t need anything but lands in play before hand. Until they learn proper threat assessment, apparently my only option is to take them to task on what actual power at an EDH table is.